How to Sleep at Night Fast and Easily

How to Sleep at Night Fast and Easily
Some people fall asleep right away. Her head hit the pillow and sleep. However, for some of us, every time we want to sleep, our minds start to work. So even if we didn't fall asleep for a few hours, we finally turned around and lay down on the bed, going round and round. Falling in asleep can be difficult but we have some tips and tricks that help you asleep fast and quick.

1) Re-Create your bedroom as comfortable to Sleep
Before suggesting some cores you can do before bed, let's talk about the room first. You may have the best bedtime routine in the world, but because the sleeping area interferes with your sleep, you still can't sleep well at night.

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We will examine your room in two ways: structure and memory. The structure refers to the bed, lights and colors. Memories are memories you think of every time you walk into the room.

Deliberate Self talk
Have you ever had a meeting with yourself? Sometimes the mind is like a busy office, and all kinds of sounds need your attention. Therefore, it is difficult for you to fall asleep immediately; you fall asleep because your brain is full of sound and you can’t sleep.

A simple way to relax your thoughts is to be brave to face whatever thoughts are circulating in them. In other words, call yourself to participate in meetings and participate in a conscious internal dialogue.

Positive internal dialogue brings you hope. You are sure that you are useless and do not look bad. Actively participating in active communication will also give you the courage to face bad thoughts. So, your mind get relax and have a good sleep.

2) Have sex – It’s also help us to relax mind and have a good sleep.
Making love is one of the recognized relaxation techniques before bed. A good orgasm can help your body release three hormones: oxytocin, cortisol, and prolactin.

Keep in mind that oxytocin is a hormone that makes you want to hug your partner after sex.

The two feel intimate and safe in each other's arms. Cortisol is a stress hormone. Sex can reduce stress; therefore, the level of cortisol in your body is low. Finally, prolactin is a hormone released after orgasm. This is why you feel sleepy and happy after an orgasm.

If you develop the habit of having sex before bed, you will always maintain a relaxed state of mind before bed, especially if you have close relationships with loved ones and those who make you feel safe.

3) Take some warm milk
Can milk help you fall asleep?

To answer this question, consider what happens when the baby is breastfeeding. Most of them are asleep. This indicates a connection between warm milk and falling asleep.
                                                               warm milk
One way to relax before bed is to drink a glass of warm milk. Research tells us that milk contains an amino acid called tryptophan. Nutrients are essential to help the body release a hormone called serotonin.

Serotonin can help you relax and sleep. Therefore, hormones help the body fall asleep. Additionally, milk is rich in minerals like calcium and magnesium, which can not only help you fall asleep, but also stay sleepy.

4) Focus on your breathing
If you feel stressed, you should try to stay calm before you going to sleep. One way to do this is to regulate your breathing: it triggers our relaxation response and helps confuse our thinking. There are many online resources where you can learn to practice different types of deep breathing, for example, breathing from the left nose is said to calm and relax. This will have you to get asleep at night. 

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