Asome Facts on Spain

1) This country in south western Europe occupies most of the Iberian Peninsula. The epic islands of the Canary Islands and Billy include Ibiza and My York Islands and other famous islands with a population of 46 million.

2) Not all Spanish people are (Castile) native speakers of Spanish. Spain has four official languages ​​(Castile, Catalan, Basque and Galician), and three unofficial regional languages ​​(Asturian, Aragonese and Arabic) and several other dialects.

3) The pace of life of the Spanish is completely different from other Europeans. They usually have lunch between 1-3 pm and dinner around 10 pm.

4) Nudity is legal in Spain Due to the hot Mediterranean climate, dry summers, and mild and humid winters, you may want to vacation in Spain. There are 3,000 hours of sunshine each year, and there are few better places to tan. Moreover, any emerging naturalist will be happy to know that nudity is legal in Spain.

5) Spanish people live longer statistics show that Spain ’s life expectancy is 83 years, ranking second among all OECD countries. Only Japanese people have a higher life expectancy. Statistics show that Spanish women have surpassed men: 85 years old, while men are 79 years old.

6) Spain's unemployment rate is the second highest in Europe statistics in 2019 show that Spain's unemployment rate ranks second in the EU, second only to Greece. However, the current unemployment rate of 13.8% is significantly higher than the 24.2% unemployment rate in Spain in 2015.

7) Spaniards like to relax it's no surprise that Spaniards like to make things easier than other peoples. In fact, according to a report released by the OECD in 2013, Spaniards spend an average of 16 hours out of 24 hours a day on diet, water and sleep.

8) The divorce rate in Spain is 17% (relatively low compared to over 50% in the

9) Spain has more than 8,000 beaches.

10) Same sex marriage has been legal in Spain since 2005.

11) The main language here is spanish is still you but the country consists of seventeen autonomous regions each of which has a whole culture in traditions many of them have their own language for example basque cattle and and others seventy six percent of the population livid cities

12) Spain's cattle only a region it's known for his art and architecture were many locals conveys is the beach right you're in the lunch break a large never of pinpoint tables around

13) The city at the end of the summer as this take place almost and the fantastical great familiar church and other modern is lend march designed that and tell any gilead of the city much red.

14) The capital spain and one of the largest cities in europe for modern business centers medieval art.

15) It's no secret that many people from northern european countries come from spain for the excellent climate the average and you'll never have sunny days exceeds two hundred and sixteen.

16) Spain economies the fourteenth largest worldwide and the fifth largest in the european union it's based on the metrology ship build and more industry and agriculture

17) It's pain is the world's third largest producer wine and the world's first.

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